How I Stay Connected with My Grandkids

Maintaining long-distance relationships can be hard, especially with grandkids. Even if you live a short two-hour drive from your grandkids, it can be difficult to set plan events with each other. According to family therapists, social connections have a direct reflection on your level of happiness and stress. Aside from contributing to your overall health, ensuring that you bond with your grandchildren will help you feel connected with the whole family. Sometimes connecting with your grandkids isn’t just about spending the most time together. The notion of quality over quantity definitely applies to creating a special bond with your grandkids. So, give these five ideas a try when trying to stay connected with your grandkids.

1.) Use the Internet to Your Advantage


Technology is incredible, and you should use it to your advantage. While using Facetime and Skype is always a great way to stay in touch with your grandkids, you can maximize the use of technology to share learning and creativity with your grandkids. One program in particular, Scoot & Doodle, is a phenomenal way to connect with each other. Simply sign into a gmail account and use your webcam to start playing with Scoot & Doodle on Hangouts. Once you are using the program, you can help your grandchildren learn, create art together, and even play games like tic-tac-toe.

2.) Create Your Own Book Club

Think of this idea as a grandparent and grandchildren book club. Whether your grandkids are still in elementary school or high school, let them pick a book they want to read. Then, simply read that book too. You can read a select number of pages or chapters each week to ensure that everyone stays at the same pace. Then, select a day or two where everyone can actively discuss the book. You would be surprised about the discussions and connections you can create with your grandkids by simply reading a book together.

3.) Start a Project Together


Find something that you and your grandchildren are passionate about such as, art, boats, or nature. Once you find something you and your grandchildren enjoy, make a project out of it! If they like art, create a sculpture, painting, or craft together. If they like something that can be built, build it! But, what if you live far away and only see them a few times a year? If that’s the case, each person can work on your sides of the project at home, and then put it together when you visit. After all, there’s nothing like a bond that’s built while creating something special and meaningful.

4.) Share Important Lessons and Tips

As a grandparent, it’s important we teach our grandchildren life lessons and tips. Pick a subject you have expertise in, such as being financially responsible, and teach it to your grandchildren. Start by showing them the basics of money and how it can be exchanged for goods. You can teach this to them by playing restaurant or store and reading children books with lessons about money. Then, find a productive and fun way your grandkids can earn money, such as setting up a lemonade stand, bake sale, or car wash. These are all activities you can actively participate in, or if you are long distance, you can help them by Facetiming, Skyping, or calling each other.

5.) Create Your Own Fairy Tale or Record One


One of the best parts about being a child is exploring different fairy tales. Every child has dreamt of starring in their own fairy tale, so make it a reality. Businesses, like My Fairy Tale Book, will allow you to personalize fairy tales so that you and your grandchildren will be the main characters. Reading the personalized fairy tale with your grandchildren will truly be a special moment, and whenever they miss you they can read the fairy tale. If you don’t want to personalize a fairy tale, you could always record your grandchild’s favorite story. A Story Before Bed allows will take your audio recording and then pair it recording with an online book full with video. So, your grandchildren can hear your voice whenever they want.

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