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People who are passionate about interior design and aesthetics can attest that kitchen faucets are more important than their basic function. A kitchen faucet dispenses hot and cold water which is used for washing hands, dishes, and food. But, you shouldn’t jump and purchase the first kitchen faucet you see. Instead, you should evaluate the design appeal and built of each of the kitchen faucets that interest you. In order to give you an idea of some of the best kitchen faucets on the market, and what details they offer, here are my reviews of the four best kitchen faucets on the market!

1.) Moen 7175


The Moen 7175 is a chrome one-handle kitchen faucet with a high arc pull-out design. Retailing for $291, the Moen 7175 is definitely one of the priciest kitchen faucets on the market, but the intricate and advanced design is worth the price. The best feature of the Moen 7175 is the high arc spout. The sprout is crafted in a way that makes it easy to fill large pots with water and clean the dirtiest and biggest dishes. The Moen 7175 is detailed with a new and improved reflex technology, which makes it easier to unlatch and extend the sprayer than the typical pull-out faucet. The hose is a whopping 68 inches, which makes it extremely easy to fill pots, and other kitchen items, such as a Brita, outside of the sink. Another great detail of the Moen 7175 is that you won’t have to wait by the sink for your pot to fill up because it can disperse around 1.5 gallons of water per minute. Other details include a 100-degree rotatable handle, 3/8-inch compression fittings, and independent and secure check valves which prevent backflow.

2.) Kraus KPF-1622SN


Retailing at $170, the Kraus KPF-1622SN offers a similar design aesthetic and detailing to the Moen 7175, but for a significantly lower price. This kitchen faucet has a lead-free metal construction with a single-lever design. The pull-down sprayer is fully loaded with a high-arch spout and a retractable hose with a counter weight, which makes it easy to maneuver it. Kraus faucets are known to have an extremely high level of precision, and this faucet does not disappoint. The ceramic cartridge ensures that each use will be drip-free, and works as good as brand new for around 500,000 cycles. Other features include; a 360-degree rotatable handle, secured rubber nozzles to prevent water build-up, and a sleek exterior design that is corrosion and rust-resistant.

3.) Moen 5995 Arbor


If the Moen 7175 design interests you, but the price doesn’t, you may want to check out the Moen 5995 Arbor. The Moen 5995 Arbor has a similar design of the Moen 7175, as it ensures you will be able to easily and securely access water. Retailing at $214, the Moen 5995 Arbor is crafted with a stainless steel exterior that is spot resistant. So, you won’t have to worry about seeing sticky fingerprints on the handle. Like the Moen 7175, the Moen 5995 Arbor is crafted with a 68-inch pull-out spray hose, and an aerated stream, which ensures a powerful and cleaning rinse. One of the main differences between the Moen 7175 and the Moen 5995 Arbor is that this kitchen faucet is crafted with an easy installation in mind. It has a single hole mount and a hydrolock connect system, which ensures a quick and efficient installation.

4.) American Standard Colony Soft


The last kitchen faucet is the American Standard Colony Soft. This kitchen faucet is perfect for someone who wants the design and features the other kitchen faucets have, but for a budget price. Retailing at only $80, this kitchen faucet features a chrome design with a pull-down spray that is fully loaded with an adjustable spray pattern and pause feature. The spout is 14-5/8 inches tall, can reach 8 inches from the base, and has a 20-inch hose. Finally, this faucet is crafted with a drip-free ceramic disc valve, which ensures a leaky faucet will be a thing of the past.

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